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Murder and Culpable Homicide

The law in Scotland says that murder takes place when a person deliberately takes the life of another or where the person has a reckless disregard for the life of their victim. The criminal offence of murder is considered the most serious offence that can be committed by a person. The penalty upon conviction is a mandatory life sentence.

It is essential to seek legal advice immediately and McGovern Reid Court Lawyers can help. We regularly defend those accused of murder and, in addition to an in-house Solicitor Advocate, we have an extensive network of contacts with established Counsel from the Faculty of Advocates which allows us to build the best possible team to conduct your defence. This allows us to explore all possible defences and achieve the best possible result for you and your family.

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There are defences under Scots law to a charge of murder, including self-defence and necessity. In certain circumstances, a valid defence, such provocation, may result in a lesser charge, known under Scots law as culpable homicide.

Culpable homicide differs from murder as there is no need for there to have been an intention to harm the victim. The Crown only need to prove that an act, or failure to act, caused the death of the victim even if that was not the accused’s intention.

Attempted murder is also a serious criminal offence. Simply because the crime was not successful, it does not mean a person will not be held responsible for the attempt. With attempted murder, it is important to remember that there does not need to have been any harm suffered by the victim.

Murder, culpable homicide, and attempted murder are all extremely serious criminal offences. It is vital in all such cases to seek the help of an experienced solicitor immediately. McGovern Reid Court Lawyers are experts in criminal defence and have extensive experience of defending individuals accused of murder, culpable homicide and, attempted murder which means that we are ideally placed to help you today.

If you, or a family member or loved one, have been arrested or charged with one of these serious offences, contact McGovern Reid Court Lawyers today.

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