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Our Fees / Legal Aid

Our Fees / Legal Aid We know how important it is for anyone who instructs a solicitor to know the level of any fees and how these will be charged. At McGovern Reid, our first meeting is ALWAYS free and we will discuss all of your options at that initial meeting.

There are a number of ways our fees can be paid:-

Legal Aid Lawyers Hamilton, Wishaw, Lanark, Airdrie, Glasgow

Scotland has one of the most extensive legal aid systems in the world and the vast majority of our clients are entitled to legal aid. You may think that because you are in employment you will not receive legal aid and will have to pay privately. This is a common misconception and we can quickly assess your entitlement if you provide us with your details. It is always recommended to come into speak to us in the first instance.

If you are entitled to legal aid, then our fees will be covered by the Scottish Legal Aid Board.

Private Fees

Where legal aid is not granted, we accept payment of our fees privately. If this is the case, the level of our fees along with payment methods will be agreed in advance of any work being carried out for you. This will also be clearly explained in our agreed Terms and Conditions.

We understand that paying legal fees is an additional burden and you can be confident that our fees are competitive and affordable.

To ensure that there are no hidden fees/charges we can offer a fixed fee which will cover all work carried out on your behalf. A quote will be provided at our initial meeting along with methods of payment. Alternatively, in some cases, we charge on a time in line basis. Again, these rates, if applicable to your particular case, will be clearly set out in our Terms and Conditions, which will be provided to you at the outset of your case.

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